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Welcome to Year 3's Home Learning Page!

We will be using this page to set activities and tasks for you to complete at home while we are unable to meet in school.  These activities are there to supplement the pack we sent home with you and aim to cover learning that we would otherwise be doing each week in class.
You have all worked so well for us this year and we know you will continue to do your best for your grown ups at home.

We now have a class email address which is year3@stjosephscatholicprimary.org.
We will be checking the email regularly and will endeavour to reply to all emails within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Please ensure that only parents use the email address.
Please feel free to email if you have any difficulties or questions regarding the work we have set for home learning.

What we absolutley love seeing are photos of your activites. If you would like to have them added to our class gallery just let us know on the email!

Mrs Brotherton, Mrs Elwen and Mrs Appleby all miss seeing you each day and we are looking forward to when we can be back together again.

New tasks will be uploaded each week on a Friday.



Half Term:  Monday 25th May - Friday 5th June

Hello Parents and our super Year 3 children.  Half term has arrived and most of us are still learning from home.  It has been a pleasure speaking to the adults and many of our children over the past few weeks and it is heartening for us to know that you are persevering with the activities we are setting or doing tasks of your own.  We have been so impressed with your commitment.  
Thank you, for your support.

As we are on holiday for the next two weeks, we will not be setting tasks for you to complete.

We know that some of you want to catch up on previous weeks' learning which is good to hear.

  We also want you to have a fun and relaxing time so keep watching this space and we will try to give you links to activities we think you might enjoy.

We love to know what you are up to at home so keep sending us your photos and we will put them in our gallery.
We will continue reading our story The Boy Who Grew Dragons: two chapters today and the following two chapters next Friday, 29th May.

Take care and stay safe.
God bless,

Mrs Brotherton and Mrs Elwen


The Boy Who Grew Dragons - Chapter 12
The Boy Who Grew Dragons - Chapter 13

New Chapters added:

The Boy Who Grew Dragons- Chapter 14
The Boy Who Grew Dragons- Chapter 15

Hello Parents and our super Year 3 children.  We hope you are enjoying half term.  We would like to share some websites with you.
  • The Children's University of Manchester has lots of interesting and exciting facts and interactive activities for you to enjoy.  In the Science section you can learn all about the solar system as well as our bodies and energy.  Do you know how many planets are in our solar system? Find out and learn a clever way to remember their names by looking at 'Earth and Beyond'.  Have you ever built a skeleton?  If you haven't, go to 'The Body and Medicines' section.   
The Children's University of Manchester
  •  The Oxford Owl website has a large selection of ebooks for you to enjoy reading at whatever level you are most comfortable reading at as well as videos of authors reading story books.  You do have to register and create a username and password but this is straight forward to do.
Oxford Owl

EUREKA Children's Museum has a range of interesting activities for you to watch, learn or copy.
Click here

The Royal Armouries have lots of interesting History videos for you to watch. Use this time to chose your own period of History that you might find interesting.
Click here
Don't forget to send us pictures to add to our class gallery!
We can't wait to see what you have been up to.
Do you like my dragon eggs? Maybe you could draw your own dragon eggs inspired by 'The Boy who Grew Dragons'?

Click on the link below if you want to visit Edinburgh Zoo to watch the live web-cams of different animals. Can you see Yang Guang the panda or Mitaali the lion cub? What about the cheeky gentoo penguins who steal pebbles from each other's nests!

Have you remembered to do something kind for your family today?  What about making your bed or tidying your bedroom - grown ups love nice surprises like that!  

Mrs Elwen has made soft dough! Can you spot the photo? If you want to make some too it's easy peasy!
2 cups of flour and one cup of moisturiser.

So what were Mrs Elwen's new pets?
Well done to the children who emailed their guesses!
I can tell you I have (or rather had) baby
They are not caterpillars any more... what do you think they might look like now?

click here to watch them changing!

They have done a lot of changing this week!
Look at the butterfly emerge from its chrysalis!

Click here to watch it become a butterfly!

Click here to see it once its wings have dried out

Free Book
If you are struggling to understand what is going on, you can download a free children's book about Corona Virus from Nosy Crow, illustrated by Alex Scheffler. This has lots of child friendly answers to help explain what Corona Virus is and what we can do to stay safe.
Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May
Here are this week's installments of The Boy Who Grew Dragons.

The Boy Who Grew Dragons - Chapter 10
The Boy Who Grew Dragons - Chapter 11

In English this week we will be recapping what verbs are and how to create more descriptive writing, just by changing the verb.
You will then begin to write your very own myth!

The Royal Armouries have set up a home learning page. Click here to watch a video they have created about Greek Myths!
It's great to see some of you are continuing to practise your tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.  Well done to the following children who have been using the website this week (your name will only appear if you have used the website for more than 5 minutes):
Oakley,     Adam,    Christopher,    Yosyas,    Saron,    Izabela,    Karthi,    Azriel,    Kayson,   Lucas  and  Samuel
A special mention to   OakleyAdam  and  Christopher  who have been on fire this week!
This week we are learning about Angles in Shapes.  Its an area of Maths that we think you will all be able to have a go at and enjoy.  The website we are using is Oak National Academy.  Each lesson comprises of a short revision quiz to start with, a video lesson which you can pause and go back to at any time, an activity sheet which you complete and is then worked through in the video to explain the answers and a revision quiz at the end.  Click on the link below then scroll down to the section that says  'Angles and Shape'.  The first two lessons suggest you make an angle detector using two pieces of card and a split pin - don't worry if you don't have a split pin, you can complete the activities without it or use a paper clip instead.

Sorry to those of you who have had difficulty opening the link to the Natinal Academy  -  it should be working now!

The National Academy

Monday - To identify and recognise angles
Tuesday - To identify angles inside 2-D shapes
Wednesday - To recognise right angles
Thursday - To recognise obtuse and acute angles
Friday - To revise angles
This Thursday, 21st May, is The Feast of The Ascension This feast day is always celebrated 40 days after Easter Day and celebrates Jesus returning to Heaven.  We think about the time Jesus spent back on Earth visiting his friends after the Resurrection.  He didn't stay with them for long and when the time was right he was taken back to Heaven to be with his Father.  The video below is a lovely animated story of the events from the Resurrection until the Ascension.  Watch the video and talk about it with those who are at home with you.

 The Ascension Story
This week we will be learning about Vertebrates and Invertebrates - these are animals with backbones and animals without backbones. There are two videos and three activities to enjoy.

Vertebrates and Invertebrates
This week we continue with 'Local Geography'. Can you find something interesting out about the area you live in? Maybe you could go for a walk and see what you find out or use the internet to research where you live. Are there any museums, churches, parks that you didn't know were there before? Did something special in History happen in your area?
Use the worksheet to write down your findings.
Monday 11th May - Friday 15th May
Here are the next two  installments of The Boy Who Grew Dragons read for you by Mrs Brotherton this week! 
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

This week in Grammar we will be learning about prepositions for time.
We will be writing a setting description for your beasts lair and beginning to plan your very own Ancient Greek Myths!
Try and use some prepositions in your setting descriptions along with expanded noun phrases!

For Thursdays lesson I have made a video to show you how the planning frame should be used. If you can't access this there is an example planning sheet that will help give you an idea of how yours should look.
On Thursday's lesson it asks you to watch a video.
Click here to a lesson video on 'How to plan a Myth' with Mrs Elwen.
It's great to see some of you are continuing to practise your tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.  Well done to the following children who have been using the website this week (your name will only appear if you have used the website for more than 5 minutes):
Natalia,   Talent,   Christopher,   Izabela,   Karthi,   Azriel,  Hriman
A special mention to   AdamShushan  and  Saron  who have been on fire this week!
This week we are looking at multiplication and division.  We have already learnt how to multiply and divide as the videos show so you may be familiar with what is being taught.  There is a lot of content in each video.  Don't worry about this, take it slowly.  If you need to spend the whole week going through the first three lessons that is fine.
White Rose Maths no longer provide the worksheets with the videos, the links to the worksheets are below the link to the website. Day 4's worksheet 'problem solving' is to be completed over Thursday and Friday but only have a go at these when you are confident with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's lessons.
Good luck and have fun!

White Rose Maths home learning
This week we are learning about the story of Doubting Thomas.  Watch the video clips to see different versions of the story. For the first clip start watching it 20 minutes into the video.  When you have watched the clips tell the story to someone in your house.  Explain how Thomas felt before he had seen Jesus compared to how he felt after he had seen him.

The Beginners Bibles - Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas - cartoon
Thomas Believes
This week we will revising 'What Plants Need to Live'.  The link will take you to three enjoyable videos and an activity for you to try.  Enjoy.

What Plants Need to Live
We are back to Local History and Geography this week. I hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend and enjoyed celebrating V.E. day.

Have you ever thought about where the names of places in Leeds came from? Or who gave a place its name?
Take a look at this weeks lesson to find out!
Congratulations to Christopher who has won the Year Three history competition!
Monday 4th May - Thursday 7th May
(no work has been set for the bank holiday Friday...we would like you to just have fun and maybe you could complete some VE day activites)

Here are the next two installments of 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7
In English this week the grammar focus is prepositions for place. Again, because it is grammar it seems to have a tricky name. Don't let that put you off. It really is quite a nice way to add more detail in your writing. All you have to do is say 'WHERE' something is.

For writing we are focusing on setting decriptions.

(Note to parents: Wednesday's lesson would benefit from some resourses from an outdoor walk or your garden if at all possible, to make it more fun. However, if this is not an option the lesson could be done with just the work sheet.)
It's great to see some of you are continuing to practise your tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.  Well done to the following children who have been using the website this week (your name will only appear if you have used the website for more than 5 minutes):
Adam,   Junior,   Christopher,   Izabela,   Karthi,   Azriel

A special mention to   Shushan  and  Saron  who have been on fire this week!
This week we are exploring money so you might find it helpful if you have a selection of coins to help you count out the amounts in the worksheet and video. If you don't have enough coins you could cut out pieces of paper or card to represent the different coins. On Thursday we will be revisiting the 3x tables so make sure you have a practice before you have watch the video. Click on the link below to take you to the White Rose Maths hub for the videos and worksheets.

  • Day 1 - Convert pounds and pence
  • Day 2 - Add money
  • Day 3 - Subtract money
  • Day 4 - Multiply and divide by three
We are continuing with the story of The Road to Emmaus. Watch the video of the story and the power point then have a go at completing the word search. Can you find all 16 words that are hidden?


This week's activity is all about states of matter.  There are three states of matter solid, liquid and gas. The link below will take you to the BBC website where there are three enjoyable video clips to watch and an interactive activity. Only do the practical activity if you have a grown-up helping you.  If you can't do the practical activity, explain to your grown-up how a liquid changes state to become a gas and how it can change back to being a liquid.
The second link is another video explaining states of matter which you might enjoy.

This week let's celebrate VE Day!
Friday 8th May

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate. You don't need to do them all. Pick the ones you would like to try. You might have some  good ideas of your own!


  • Find out what V.E. day stands for
  • Read the fact file about V.E. day below to find out more about it.
  • click here   to find out how people celebrated V.E. day back in 1945
  • Play dress up:
  • best WW2 outfits or create your own milertary uniforms
  • Imagine you are living in 1945 and have just heard the war is ended. Write down how you might feel?
  • Have a V.E. Day party!
  •  Design a party invitation to invite your friends to a V.E. day party. I
  • think up games you will play, such as:
  •   Air Raid Statues: like musical statues but instead of pausing the music play an air raid sound instead. Use Air Raid sounds on YouTube and get people to dance around when the music plays, freezing when the air raid sounds.
  • pass the parcel: but wrap it up in newspaper to make it have an authentic look (can you think of some nice surprises to put inside rather than buying toys?)
  • The Solider Says: instead of saying Simon Says!


  • Look at the wartime recipes. Can you make one of them to try?
  • Plan an indoor celebration picnic for 8th May. Design a menu with the things you would like at your celebration picnic.
  • Bake Buns
     can you make the mixture red, white and blue, Maybe you could ice them in those colours too.
  • Write a V.E. day poem and perform it to your family
  • Create a tissue paper flag to wave in celebration (instructions here)
  • Make some Union Jack bunting to decorate your house in celebration.
  • Do some research and find out 5 interesting facts about World War 2.
  • Create your own V.E. Day hat!
  • Look at the medal images.
  • Design your own medal. What would you give it for? Bravery? Loyalty? Kindness? Chivarly?
  • Click here for an idea of how to make your own (it says you need pins but I'm sure it would look just as good on ribbon around your neck)
Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May
Enjoy chapters 4 and 5 of The Boy Who Grew Dragons read specially for you by Mrs Elwen!

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
This week Year Three, we are looking at setting descriptions. You will be learning grammatical techniques you can use to make your own more exciting when you come to write one- such as alliteration and fronted adverbials for manner (They sound very compliacted but it's just fancy names, I've given you lots of examples to help!).

Your mini starters are knowing when to use 'an' or 'a' before a noun.

Keep up the hard work you super stars!

It's great to see some of you are practising your tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.  Well done to the following children who have been using the website this week:
Azriel,   Junior,   Hriman,   Izabela,   Karthi,   Natalia,   Saron,   Shushan,   Yosyas

A special mention to   Samuel  and  Christopher  who have been on fire this week!
This is our last week on Fractions.  We know a few of you have been finding it tricky.  If you have, don't worry.  This is something we will go over when we next see you. 
Click on the link below to take you to the White Rose Maths Hub where you will find daily videos and activities. 
The Family Challenges set for a Friday (the only one so far is for 24th April) are great fun. Can you have a go with the grown up in your house? 

  • Day 1 - Add Fractions 
  • Day 2 - Subtract Fractions 
  • Day 3 - Problem Solving
  • Day 4 - Problem Solving
  • Day 5 - Maths Challenge

If you've made a Fraction Wall showing one whole, halves, quarters and eigths please email us a photograph (our email address is at the top of this page) we would love to see what you have made!

If you feel the work set above is too difficult and you want more practice on what has already been covered complete the worksheets below instead. You might also enjoy the following video which helps to explain fractions in a fun way.

In RE we are finding out about what happened when Jesus appeared to His friends in the weeks after He had risen from the dead.  This week we are learning about when he met His disciples on the road to Emmaus.  Watch the story and see if you can act it out with other people who are at home with you.


For the next few weeks we are going to be following the BBC home learning activities for Science. They are great fun with videos, dances you can join in with, practical activities you can try at home and fun facts to learn.

This week in Geography you will be learning about settlements.
Once you have designed your own I'd love to see your finished products!
Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April
 Hello Year 3 and welcome back to our Summer term!

We hope you've had a restful and safe Easter break. 
Have you designed your Norman shields? If so we would love to see photographs, we can't wait to see who has won our competition. We've made ours.
What about the Minnie Vinnie competition? It would be great to see your designs of Jesus rising from the tomb.

Like last term, we will be setting work for you to complete each day. Please try your best and make your handwriting as neat as possible when you are writing.  We are looking forward to you showing us the work you have been doing when we next see you. Remember, if the work we are setting is too hard for you you can access the activities in a different year group.

Everyone should have been practising their tables with Times Tables Rock Stars. Well done to the following children who have reached the correct speed they need for recalling their timestables facts:

Karthi,  Yosyas,  Adam,  Michelle,  Talent,  Christopher,  Hriman,  Abraham,  Saron  and Shushan

Come on everyone else, you can do it!   We want all our names mentioned here!
Enjoy our next installment of The Boy Who Grew Dragons read specially for you by Mrs Elwen!

Chapter 2

Chapter 3  

For English this term we are starting a new topic- Myths and Legends! (This is Mrs Elwen’s favourite topic!)

We know you did a little bit of work about myths a few weeks ago but now we are going to look at them in depth.

This week you will be learning how to write an exciting character description and designing your own Ancient Greek hero (male) or heroine (female). We want you to include lots of expanded noun phrases (using good adjectives) and good sentence openers in your writing to really WOW us!

If you would like more work you could research some more Greek Myths to read to help give you lots of ideas to use in your own writing.

Keep up the hard work Year Three!

This term we will be continuing with Fractions. Please check back over the activities you did at the end of last term to ensure that you understand them before moving onto. If you don't understand, rewatch the videos and redo the activities. Don't move on until you feel happy that you can do the previous lessons.  It is more important that you understand what we have covered so far than that you move on not understanding. 
Please click on the link below to redirect you to the White Rose Maths Hub for daily videos and worksheets.

  • Day 1 - Equivalent Fractions (2)
  • Day 2 - Equivalent Fractions (3)
  • Day 3 - Compare Fractions
  • Day 4 - Ordering Fractions
  • Day 5 - Complete the Maths Challenge or create a Fraction wall showing one whole, halves, quarters and eighths.

If  you create a fraction wall send a picture in so we can share it with the rest of the class!

You might also find the links below helpful.


We are continuing to enjoy the wonderful Easter Story and learn more about what happened after Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning.  Watch to the two video clips which retell the Easter story from the time that Jesus died in the cross. You might also enjoy rewatching the whole story from Palm Sunday.
This week you can choose the activity you complete.  Either complete the sheet below drawing pictures to represent each part of the story or pause one of the video clips at your favourite part and draw the picture you see.
Take a great deal of care over your drawing. Is it good enough to put up on your wall or photograph for us to share? You are such super artists Year 3 we're sure you've done lovely drawings. Who is in your picture? What are they thinking?




Our new topic for this half term is Animals including Humans.
This week we will be learning about nutrition. Read the information sheets and complete the activity

Our new topic this half term is’ Local History and Geography of Leeds’.

This week we will look at how Leeds has changed since the Norman times.


It is vitally important that throughout your time at home you are remaining as active as possible! Every morning at 9:00am Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is live streaming a PE lesson for all children. Don't worry - if you miss the 9:00am live streaming, the videos remain on his YouTube channel for you to complete at any point throughout the day. This is a fantastic and very fun way to keep active during this period.

Design your own Norman Shield
Join in our class competition to see who can design the most imaginative Norman shield. Could it be you?!
Minnie Vinnies Easter Competition.
Can you use all your creative ideas and lots of home made resources to make your own display showing Jesus rising from the tomb on Easter Sunday?!
The letter from Bishop Marcus explains how you can participate in Holy Week celebrations from home.
Monday 6th April - Thursday 9th April
Our Guided Reading work will be structured around the book, 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' by a lady called Andy Shepherd.
It is perfectly acceptable for an adult to read the text to you. You could try and read the parts in inverted commas like we do in class, or you could be the narrator and your adult read the parts in speech.
Any words you are not sure of, look them up so the story makes sense.

Please read the text and then answer the questions on the worksheet.

You also have a word study to complete.

We hope you enjoy the story!
Prologue :
Chapter 1:

This week you will be learning about writing a Diary entry and towards the end of the week you will be learning about Poetry. Keep up the hard work!
Please continue practising your times tables each day with Times Tables Rock Stars. Well done to the following children who have been using the website this week:
 Samuel,   Michelle,  Devanshi,  Jessica,  Luna,  Karthi,  Christopher,  Azriel,  Natalia,  Elhadj,  Hriman,  Izabela,  Saron,  Shushan  and  Adam

This week we will be continuing with Fractions. Please click on the link below to redirect you to the White Rose Maths Hub for daily videos and worksheets.

  • Day 1 - Fractions on a numberline
  • Day 2 - Fractions of a set of objects (1)
  • Day 3 - Fractions of a set of objects (2)
  • Day 4 - Fractions of a set of objects (3)
  • Day 5 - Equivalent Fractions
You might also find the two links below helpful.



Next week is the most important week in the Church's year. It starts with Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowds of people welcomed Him excitedly. On Thursday Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with his special friends the disciples. It was at this meal that He was betrayed by Judas. On Good Friday Jesus was crucified on the cross. On Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.

Watch the Easter story then use the craft ideas to make your own creative picture of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Try each day to do something helpful for the grown ups in your house and, if you can, make some quiet time to say the Our Father and Hail Mary with your family.
Life Cycle of Flowering Plants
This week we are learning about how the different stages of a flowering plant's life follow on from each other to create its life cycle.
Below are some clips you might find helpful or just really fun to watch!



If you are unable to print out the worksheet, please draw it out on a piece of paper.
Question: Do you think William the Conqueror was a fair King of England?

This lesson you will be finding out what William the Conqueror did once he became King of England and how he remained in power. You need to decide if you think what he did made him a good king or not.

Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April

Please encourage your child to read each day as well as regularly hearing them read aloud and discussing the content of their book. 
Kitaboo have made their audio and e books free while schools are closed. Once you have signed up and created a password and log in, you will have access to a range of different books

Readingeggs has a free 30-day trial for parents. It has fun online games and activities.
Myths and Legends Week 1 (WC: Monday 30th March)

This week, Year Three, we are learning about Myths and Legends. Please do what you can. If you find this difficult, please have a go at the activities in a different year group. If you don't have a printer, you could copy the layout of the sheets onto a piece of paper or talk through the lesson with an adult. Don't do all the lessons at once. Spread them out so you can enjoy your learning. You may also enjoy reading some other myths or legends, there are some ideas in the work pack provided or your parents might have some of their own favourites to tell you. Enjoy- YOU SUPER STARS !


To be a good mathematician it is vital that we practise our mental maths skills. Now is the perfect time to ensure you know your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 off by heart and to learn the times tables we have been practising in class. By the end of Year 3, we should all know 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x and 10x tables up to 12 times the number. LEARNING THESE TIMES TABLES IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO IN MATHS.

Mrs Brotherton and Mrs Elwen will be so proud of you if, when we next see you all, you know these times tables. You have your Times Tables Rock Stars log ins and we can see how often you are using the website. If we notice that you are practising a lot, we might give you a mention here!

Well done to the following children for the time they have spent on TTRS in recent weeks:

Karthi, Hriman, Adam, Abraham and Yosyas

Practice makes perfect and we can all be Times Tables Superstars!!

Don’t forget Numbots which practises mental addition and subtraction skills and has the same login as yourTTRS.

Fractions Week 1 (Monday 30th March)

This week we are learning about Fractions for the first time this school year. Click here to be redirected to the White Rose Maths Hub where you will find five lessons, one for each day of the week. There is a video and activities for you to complete. It is important you understand the maths you are doing so please do not move onto the next day’s work until you have grasped the activity you are doing.

If you are struggling with a particular area there are lots of really good videos on youtube of people explaining concepts. Search in youtube for the particular thing you are finding difficult and see if hearing it explained by someone else helps.

If these activities really are too difficult, please access the activities in another year group.

This half term we have been learning about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We have reflected on God's fatherly love for us and His forgiveness of our sins when we are sorry.
Week 1 Monday 30th March

This week's activity is to do an act of kindness each day to someone living in your house with you. If you like, you can draw a picture to show the kind thing you have done.
Seed Dispersal (wc 30th March)

This week's activity is to learn about seed dispersal. Look at the document  and the two video clips (there are lots more you can enjoy on youtube as well). Create a poster to show all the different ways seeds are able to disperse themselves.


Lesson 1 (WC. 30.3.2020)

We have been learning about The Normans. We still have a few lesson left on this topic.
Remember in History we need in enquire, we do this by asking questions. Whilst you are reading information sheets challenge yourself to ask three questions. See if you can answer them with the information you find out.
This lesson:
Question: Why did William the Conqueror build castles?

Use the lesson sheet to read what you need to know and activities to do.
Next, use the worksheet to answer the questions.