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To conclude Lenten preparations Year 5 led a whole school worship on the Stations of the Cross.  Pupils were very mature and led a prayerful and meaningful reflection on the last moments of Jesus' journey to the cross.

The service was well attended by parents and friends of the school who made the following comments after the service.

"It was very moving.  The children knew the meaning of Holy Week and Easter."

"Beautiful and emotional.  Lovely and respectful worship."

"Well done children.  It is good you used sign language which made
everyone feel part of the prayer."

"A very mature subject delivered by a group of
children with great pride and respect.  Beautiful."

"The whole service was very heartfelt and moving
The children shoed great feeling and understanding
and are a credit to this great school"
During the 4th week of Lent as a school we celebrated 'Cross Week'.  In Year 5 we looked at the 'Jerusalem Cross' also known as the 'Cross of the Crusades'.

The pupils looked at the different meanings of the 5 crosses.  An original interpretation is that the four smaller crosses represent the 4 compass points (North, East, South and West)  as the first Christians left the Holy Land to spread the Christian faith. 

The 5 crosses have also been linked to the 5 wounds of Christ.

Pupils represented these interpretations in various art forms across the week.
The Jerusalem Cross
In this second week of Lent we have been thinking about forgiveness.
We wrote our own examination of conscience to help us focus on areas of our life that we need to ask for forgiveness for.  We took part in a reconciliation service to allow us to experience the mercy and forgiveness of God, and some pupils also took the sacrament of confession.
Identifying where we need forgiveness also allows us to identify areas where we can try harder to make the right decision and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.


During Lent we are called to Fast, Pray and Give Alms.
This page is designed to support pupils during this Lent in sharing prayers, thoughts and scripture of encouragment during this time.

Before the holidays pupils were give a prayer card written by the Mini-Vinnies with a Lenten prayer that they are encouraged to say daily.