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Below are a list of website that are useful in supporting your child's learning throughout the year.  Some can be used all year round to support learning, but keep checking back as each term the list will be updated with websites relevant to the terms topics.
Spring Term 2
This term in Year 5 there are lots of opportunities planned for pupils to learn new skills and experience different opportunities across the curriculum as well as developing and improving existing skills.
Look out for the Year 5 newsletter in the first week to allow you to see some of the things planned for this term.
Unfortunatley not all websites are 'tablet friendly' and some will require a flash player.  

Below is a list of websites that can be used to support your child's learning throughout this term.

Literacy  This is a good link for a game which allow pupils to practise and consolidate the grammar  they have been learning  Images for pupils to look at and talk about to enhance their rainforest descriptions.  Extra information about the rainforest that may be of interest.

Maths Excellent website for pupils to practise multiplication and division facts.  Pupils have been shown how to use this in class and playing for 3 minutes each day will be of great benefit to improving multiplication and division recall. Pupils should continue to play on matheletics and complete work set.  An excellent game for pupils to practise decimal equivalence that we will be working on this term.  Pupils should be working at Level 3 or Level 4.

Science This website allows pupils to consolidate learning done in class on the parts of a plant.  a video clip to help pupils gain a full understanding of different lifecycles or different organisms.

P.E. Background information on the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.

Geography   Both of these websites are interactive games aimed at helping pupils learn the location of continents and countries. Pupils are expected to know the continents and their location as well as some of the major countries of the world and their location by the end of Year 5.

Spanish Both of these websites are interactive games that will allow pupils to practise the Spanish vocabulary they have been learning.