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Curriculum Newsletter

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Earth and Space Science Day

We had a science day to investigate earth and space.  We used our scientific investigation skills to analyse soil samples and determine which one was from Mars.  We also made up pneumonics to help us remember the planets of the solar system in order.

“I really like learning about space.”

“I liked watching the film flying through space and seeing all the stars and planets.”

“I didn’t know the planets before but know I do.”

“I enjoyed testing the soil and using evaporation to see if there was salt in the soil.”

“Look I can see the salt crystals.”


We try to be as creative as we can in R.E.  We re-enacted the story of the fall to help us understand why the characters responded in the way they did, and to help us understand the choices that they made. 

This term we are learning about the Beatitudes and how they can help us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  We made up a dance to a worship song about them to help us remember them.

Clay Elephants

Our country for international week was Guniea Bissau.  We looked at the climate and habitat and found out that elephants live there, so we made our own elephants from clay.

Eden Camp

To help us learn about our WW2 topic we went to Eden camp.  This allowed us to see real artefacts and experience what it would have been like to live during the Blitz.

“I think I would have been really scared with all the bombs dropping”

“I think the Blitz would have been quite exciting but sad if someone you knew died.”

“I really enjoyed the trip.  There was lots of information to find out about.”

“I liked going in a real Anderson shelter the best.”