Our School  »  Members of Staff

Headteacher Miss. C. McHale  - Designated Child Protection
Deputy Headteacher Mrs. K. Williams - Designated Child Protection Lead
Assistant Head Teacher (AHT) Mrs. C. Munnelly-  Designated Child Protection (Y3 Thurs - Fri)
Leadership Team Y2 - Mrs. A. Scott
Teachers YR ~ Mrs J. Heyes
  Y1 ~ Mrs. E. Brotherton (Mon - Wed)
  Y1 ~ Mrs. V. Jobbins (Thur - Fri)
  Y3 ~ Mrs. K. Elwen (Mon - Wed)
  Y4 ~ Mrs. A. Hilton
  Y5 ~ Miss. L. Boyles 
  Y6 ~ Mr. M. Shuttleworth 
PPA & Pupil Premium Teachers Mrs. P. Labadie (Wed) PPA and Pupil Premium in Y3
  Mrs Fearnside (Tues - Thur) Pupil Premium in Y6
  Mrs V Jobbins - PPA in Rec and Pupil Premium in Year 1
  Mrs K Williams - Pupil Premium in Year 1 & 2
  Mrs C Munnelly - Pupil Premium in Year 3 & 4
HLTA Mrs M Barrow
Teaching Assistants YR ~ Miss. R. Campbell,  
  YR ~ Mrs. L.Mooney (pm)
  Y1 ~ Miss. M. Lynch (Cover Supervisor)
  Y1 ~ Mrs. D. Hallam
  Y2 ~ Mrs. M. Mulvey
  Y2 ~ Mrs. L.Mooney (am)
  Y3 ~ Mrs. M. Mapplebeck
  Y3 ~ Mrs. T. Appleby
  Y4 ~ Mrs. C. McLane (am)
  Y4 ~ Mrs. T. Burke (pm)
  Y5 ~ Mrs. J. Hackney
  Y6 ~ Mrs. T. Burke (am)
  Y6 ~ Miss. C. McLane (pm)
Family Support Worker Mrs. J. Hewson  - Designated Child Protection
Catholic Care Work Miss. Becki Edwards (Tues)
EAL (English as an Additional Language)
& SLT (Speech & Language)
Miss. E. Wojtarska
SLT (Speech & Language)
& Learning Support
Mrs M. Barrow
Office Manager Mrs. C. Richardson
Clerical Assistant  
Superintendent Mr. M. Granger
Cleaning Staff Mr. P. Hargreaves
  Mrs. M. Rhodes
Midday Supervisor Mrs. J. Hackney
Lunchtime Teaching Assistant Staff Mrs. P. Appleby
  Mrs. P. Burke
Breakfast Club Co-ordinator Miss. M. Lynch
Breakfast Club Staff Mrs. P. Appleby
  Mrs. M. Mapplebeck
Kitchen Supervisor Mrs. A. Lee
Kitchen Assistants Mrs. K. Wykman
  Mrs. S. Tessema
  Miss. K. Bottomley
Peripatetic Music Staff Miss. L. Haigh (Diocesan Choral Leader)